The printed floor Hardenerpan

Introduced in the Italian market in the early nineties, the Hardenerpan floor exploits the characteristics of the excelled concrete in transforming faithful reproduction of stone, wood, bricks etc..

The Hardenerpan system is the technology that most of all contributed to the introduction of decorative concrete in the field , whereas previously it was used only as a conglomerate structure. The oldest concrete seems to be brought to light in 1895 in a town in southern Galilee ( Israel) dated 7000 b.c. and is presented as a compact flooring created from a mixture of polished stones, clay and lime. Today, thanks to its evolution , concretes in the Hardenerpan system represents the most creative and original technology to pave any surface.

Hardenerpan – Hardener colorantcorazzante
Colored hardener mixture consisting of selected quartz, cement, additives and intense pigments. It gives the surface staining and resistance.

Hardenerpan release – Release agent in powderdistaccante
HARDENERPAN RELEASE-RELEASE AGENT IN POWDER: Releasing pigmented powder , suitably distributed on the treatment in Hardenerpan gives a non-stick action between the mold and the concrete. It also gives antiquing effect on the pavement.

One-component, low viscosity liquid product which, thanks to the special thermo-plastic polymer penetrates deeply for capillary absorption in concrete floors. Gives consolidating action, water-repellent, dustproof and protective. Shows no tendency to yellowing and is washing resistant. It ‘s available in different versions depending on the need: PENETRON PROTECTOR, PROTECTOR 100, ULTRA PROTECTOR, PROTECTOR COLOR.
Fiber Panfiber
Polypropylene fibers in flakes. Deletes cracking due to plastic shrinkage of the concrete. High chemical resistance in alkaline environment. Limiting phenomena from degradation by mold, mildew, bleeding. Facilitate the surface finish.