Introduced in the Italian market in the early 90’s, printed concrete is an innovative product that allows you to easily decorate flooring or wall coverings. The result is so realistic that you will not be able to identify any difference between a printed surface and covered reconstructed stone veneer, natural or brick. It ‘s much less expensive than natural stone, but the result is the same.

pavimento-stampato-panneto-2E’ molto meno costoso della pietra naturale, ma il risultato ottenuto è identico.

The greatest advantage is definitely the price: this system allows to reduce the costs for over 60%, thanks to the fact that it can be applied much more easily. Our products can be used on any type of solid surface not damaged or existing concrete surfaces. It can be colored and thanks to the use of molds it can do many types of decoration.

What can you realize with printed cement?

All that comes to mind, both outside and inside floor! Sidewalks, roads, yard, squares, driveways, exhibition centers, halls ramps, garages, parking lots, swimming pool surrounds, terrace, reconstructions of historical centers etc..